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Latest Bitcoin Trading UK Guide

Bitcoin Trading UKBitcoin trading UK is one for everyone in the country. If you play your card games right, you will be able to trade bitcoin successfully and make some cool money for yourself in the process.

You do not need to be a guru in the financial world before you can trade bitcoin successfully. You only need to be ready to learn. One thing that is constant in bitcoin trading is learning. You do not need to actually own bitcoin before you can trade bitcoin.

Bitcoin CFD trading makes it possible for you to trade bitcoin without owning the asset. CFD trading also makes it possible to make money both when the price of bitcoin rises and falls. This means that you can make money both when you buy and sell bitcoin.

Best UK Bitcoin Trading Brokers for 2021

Forex Brokers Min. Deposit Platforms Rating Secure Link
1 easyMarkets
Risk InformationYour capital is at risk
Web platform, MT4
Mobile app
4.9/5 Visit Site
Regulators: CySEC, ASIC, FSA-Seychelles
2 FXChoice
Risk InformationYour capital is at risk
MT4, MT5
Mobile Trading
4.8/5 Visit Site
Regulators: FCA, CySEC, DFSA, CIMA
3 BlackBull Markets
Risk InformationYour capital is at risk
MT4, MT5
4.7/5 Visit Site
Regulators: FSPR, FMA, FSA
4 fpmarkets
Risk InformationYour capital is at risk
MT4, MT5
WebTrader, Iress, VPS
4.6/5 Visit Site
Regulators: FCA, CFTC, ASIC

How to Start Bitcoin Trading In the UK

How to Start Bitcoin Trading In the UK
In this write-up, we will teach you some of the very important things you must always bear in mind when you want to venture into bitcoin trading.

Start small

Bitcoin CFD trading is just like any other form of online trading, like stocks or Forex. This means it is as risky as any other one. So, you must trade with care lest you get your fingers burnt. As a beginner with limited knowledge about Bitcoin trading UK, you need to tread carefully when trading.

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself from being hurt by the bitcoin market is to start small. When you start small, you will not have to risk a lot on bitcoin trading. Even if things go south, your loss will be minimal.

Bitcoin trading is exciting, but not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must not allow yourself to be carried away by the excitement. You should tread with caution by starting with just a small amount of money that you can afford to lose. Therefore consider investing more money after gaining adequate experience in bitcoin trading.

Your wallet must be secure

You need a bitcoin wallet before you can start Bitcoin trading UK. The bitcoin wallet serves as a place where you can hold the bitcoin you want to use for bitcoin CFD trading. You should steer clear of any bitcoin wallet that is not secure. There are so many types of wallets out there and each of them claims to be the best.

You should carry out further investigation on each of them to be sure if that wallet is as reliable as it claims. Bear in mind, however, that different wallets come with different functionalities and features. So, you should go for one that has the kind of features that will make your bitcoin CFD trading possible.

The company that owns the wallet can serve as the broker for Bitcoin trading UK. You should not choose any wallet that is not reputable. Some brokers or wallets do not permit bitcoin trading in some countries.

There are two main categories of bitcoin wallets. We will highlight them below:

  • Cold wallet: It is the more secure of the two types. You can use the wallet for storing your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies offline.
  • Hot wallet: This type of wallet is somewhat open to hackers. This is because it is connected to the internet and, therefore, stores your bitcoin online.

However, those who want to trade bitcoin via CFD should go for the hot wallets. Hot wallets will make possible instant access to your bitcoin for easy online trading. Since a hot wallet is somewhat risky, make sure you check the reputation of the company before you register for the wallet.

Those who want to hoard bitcoin until its value rises in the market should go for the cold wallet, on the other hand. If you have a large quality of bitcoin and you still want to participate in bitcoin CFD trading, it is better to keep all your bitcoin in the cold wallet and remove only a small amount to be put into the hot wallet for Bitcoin trading UK. This way, the greater amount of bitcoin in your possession will be safe offline in the cold wallet.

Proper research is essential

Before you start trading bitcoin, you need to carry out adequate research and develop a good trading strategy. This is about the only way to become successful in bitcoin trading. Adequate research will help you to better understand the bitcoin market. This way, you can make an informed decision each time you trade bitcoin.

It will not be easy to learn how to get a good bitcoin trading strategy. This is especially because the bitcoin market does not behave like any other market out there, like Forex, stocks, and so on. Bitcoin trading UK is speculative in nature. The effect of global events and news on Forex can be predictable to an extent, but this is rarely the case with the bitcoin market. Be that as it may, you can easily learn how to trade bitcoin if you pay attention to things.

Technical analysis can help you with bitcoin trading. In fact, it is considered as the core of the knowledge you need for bitcoin trading UK. So, you must take time to identify patterns and read charts before you can develop a strategy.

What type of trader are you?

The type of trader you are can determine the right type of strategy for you. Some of the types of traders will be highlighted below:

  • Scalpers: They are highly active in bitcoin trading UK. Such traders can make hundreds of trades per day.
  • Day traders: They only trade during the day. Such traders will never leave a trade open overnight. They focus on taking advantage of short-term movements in the bitcoin market.
  • Swing traders: Such traders carry out deep technical analysis of the bitcoin market. They use the knowledge they acquire to make trading decisions.
  • Passive traders: Such traders do not trade often. However, they hold each position for a very long time. They can hold a single position for weeks or even months.

You need to develop a strategy that fits the type of trader you are. The amount of time you can spare for trading can help to determine your type of trader.